About Us Outreach Programmes

Students of classes V to XII visit various institutions as part of the Outreach Programme conducted by our school. These visits give them an opportunity to empathize with the disadvantaged and be thankful for the countless blessings that they themselves have received. Students interact with the inmates and bond with the underprivileged. They learn the joy of sharing and caring and the day of interaction becomes a memorable one both for themselves and those they visit.

  • Class V and VI - Jeevan Rekha
  • Class VII -Jivodaya Ashralayam, Home for the Abandoned Ladies, Budhella, Vikaspuri
  • Class VIII - Asha Niwas Social Welfare Centre, Najafgarh
  • Class X - Ozanam Old Age Home, Kingsway Camp
  • Class XI – Shanti Avedna Sadan, near Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi
  • Class XII - St. Anthony’s Orphanage

The tailoring and cutting course has been a part of jeevan rekha for some years in Loreto, Delhi. At present we have 16 students, some do very good work at it and it is a joy to see that they are able to prepare a good part of their trousseau. Students are assessed from time to time. Recently one of the Jeevan Rekha students- Aarti was married on 20th February 2012. She had completed four courses in the last few years and was proud to receive four certificates in all-dress making, beautician/computer and cooking.

The beautician course was started in July which began with 14 girls. Due to some unforeseen family circumstances, a few dropped off while 9 received certificates of completion in February 2011. The second batch commenced with 13 girls out of which 9 girls persevered and did their practicals. They were happy at the service offered by the Loreto staff and received their certificates of completion in July 2011. They were proud to receive Loreto certificates.

The students enjoy doing their work and find these courses very helpful as they prove to be an excellent form of income for several of these girls! They get sense of satisfaction as they complete each procedure. They maintain files on toppics such as Mehandi application, and facial make up.

Another milestone in Jeevan Rekha training programme was the introduction of computer skills, The students are trained in the use of word processing, spread sheets and Power Point Presentations. Student volunteers from class VII to X train Jeevan Rekha The beautician course commences with the threading - this entails a couple of weeks as it requires a special knack. The next step is manicure and pedicure - careful attention is given to the dry skin around the nails and feet- this procedure is practiced on the younger students of the evening school, so cleanliness is stressed.

Facial massage. arms and legs( body massage) is also taught which gives all a sense of well being. Facial pack and bleaching make up for various occasions, simple make up for daily use and bridal make up – all form part of the course. All get excited when the latter is performed on them. They are also taught to drape the sari according to the custom of different states. The practice of this dressing up is a source of great excitement among the students.

Waxing- all types of waxing- hair-styles is another factor of this course- ofcourse head- cleanliness is a must. By and large this course is highly appreciated. At present we have as our students a few married women who are the wives of jawans and an M.A. Student as well!! Both the tailoring and beautician courses are for about 9 months- 1 year. Occasionally someone may finish the course before time!