God is our creator
God is the way
God loves us all
Out in the world there are people praying saying
Let your mercy fall

Let us join our hand and stay under one roof
Let the power of love fill our heart and make our spirit move
Together we can make the change and transform the world
That’s all we want

Chorus: Lets turn it all around
We can make the change
If we put our hands together
We’ll find a way

Justice, peace, integrity
That’s what we strive for
Years of inequality
Now will be no more

Peace is all we seek and love is all we spread
With your gracious hands you bind us with the same thread
We will change the world and make it alright
The sun will shine.

Chorus: Lets turn it all around
We can make the change
If we put our hands together
We’ll find a way …(3)

God My Loving Mother and Father

In the Warmth of my Home, Let me remember the homeless

In the aroma of my food, let me remember the starving

In the wholeness of my body, let me remember the Impaired

In the abundance of my Blessings

Let me not embrace vanity but let my actions speak,

Silently serving Humanity.

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Loreto Convent School Delhi Cantt


Description: To create an awareness about the significance of greener surroundings for our sustainability, a Plantation drive was organized by the JPIC on 06th July 2023. The students of classes Prep to XII along with the Principal, coordinators and the JPIC team participated in the drive. The drive started in the morning with great zeal and enthusiasm and our Principal Mrs. Alice Rose D’Lima inaugurated the event. 13 fruit-bearing plant saplings like chikoo, jamun, pomegranate and guava were planted in the school campus. Students enjoyed the process of plantation thoroughly and appreciated the generosity and beauty of nature.

06 Jul 2023 View Album


Loreto Convent School Delhi Cantt


Description: Keryl Angel Anthony from class XI-C and Sampurna Shania Chakroborty from Class IX-A represented Loreto Convent School, Delhi Cantt at IBVM /CJ JPIC South Asia 6th General meet that took place from 1st February 2023 to 3rd February 2023 in Kolkata. Ms. Rose Sebastian accompanied them to Kolkata. Water management was declared as the future action goal for the next two years (2023-2025).

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Loreto Convent School Delhi Cantt


Description: On 17 February, Sr. Monica Rozario along with the JPIC team and 7 students from class 11 delivered the generous donations contributed by the parents for the people affected by earthquake in Turkey, to the Embassy of Turkey. The officials at the embassy expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the generosity shown by our children.

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