Loreto Convent School Delhi Cantt

It is indeed a great privilege to be the Head Girl of Loreto Convent School, Delhi Cantt. and to have the opportunity to lead the school along with my fellow Student Council members. I am deeply honoured and blessed for being part of this Loreto family, who has placed their trust and confidence in me.

Having moved from Loreto House, Kolkata to Loreto Convent School, Delhi, this institution has rooted its values in me. I have grown, in maturity, in virtue, and have learnt how to be humble while also being proud of the person I am now- the person this school has shaped me to be.

For this I thank God, through whom everything is made possible. I owe gratitude to our Principal, Mrs D'Lima, who has proved time and again that kindness conquers all; to my teachers, who have taught me to work hard without expecting praise; to the Support Staff, who have taught me that respect is earned by gesture, not position; to my family and friends who have supported me and believed in me throughout. I also express my gratitude to all the staff and Sisters of the Community for making this possible.

I envision the students of Loreto Convent to be exemplars of good values, and highly equipped with knowledge and self dignity, because I believe that every student is capable of being the best person they can be. I hope that we, the Student Council 2023-24, inspire you to grow more in love, happiness and peace, as we strive to fulfil the dream and vision of our founder, Venerable Mary Ward.

Best Wishes
Angela Elizabeth Domingo

Loreto Convent School Delhi Cantt

I am humbled and filled with gratitude to the Almighty and am greatly indebted and thankful to our Principal, Sr. Monica, and the Management and Staff of Loreto Convent School, Delhi for believing in me to hold office as the Head Girl for the year 2022 23.

As a leader, I stand before you not only to lead you but also to be one among you to work for the betterment of the school. The school has taught me how to deal with challenges. It has made me a better student, a better citizen, and above all, a better person.

Down the memory lane, I still remember the first step I took into this institution, as a 4-year-old girl who was curious to explore a new world. I had wandered off to the Book Fair section and was standing in awe when the then Coordinator spotted me and told my father not to worry about me because I was already home.

Apart from academic excellence, this institution has always encouraged me to learn new things, which has had a significant impact on my holistic growth from a 4-year-old to now being elected as the Head Girl of this prestigious institution- a dream come true for every girl studying here.

As the school motto goes, 'Receive that you may give', I hope to give back to the institution more than what I have received and imbibed all these years.

May Venerable Mary Ward bless us all!

Best Wishes

Loreto Convent School Delhi Cantt

To be called upon to uphold the legacy of Venerable Mary Ward is a matter of pride and honour. As the Head Girl for the academic year 2020-2021, I express immense gratitude to the teachers and students for placing their trust in the Student Council, 2020-21.

With your vote of confidence in us, we aspire to live up to the values of love, freedom and integrity exhibited by the Loreto institution. The Student council is not only limited to 17 members, but includes each one of you in our quest to achieve the goals envisioned by the Loreto Sisters. We endeavour to be your representatives, a channel for your voices and ideas. In these troubled times brought about by the pandemic, we seek your prayers, guidance and collective support as we face and overcome challenges.

Echoing the words of Venerable Mary Ward, “Women in time to come will do much”, let us come together as harbingers of change and peace.

Best Wishes
Novelle Jibby John

Loreto Convent School Delhi Cantt

Step up to the challenge
Step out without fear
All will be well, for God is near.

I, the Head Girl for the academic year 2019-20, feel privileged to be a part of this dynamic institution which upholds the values of love, freedom, sincerity and justice.

We, the members of the Student Council, endeavour to empower the students and thus proclaim the glory of God. Each one of you is equally important to us because it is only with your prayers, guidance and cooperation that our effort will bear fruit.

Our commitment will be to carry forward the Loreto legacy, "RECEIVE THAT YOU MAY GIVE". We look forward to enthusiastic participation by all the students in all activities while working hard in academics. I believe that talents are God's gift which should not be kept unexplored in one corner.

We together will be firm on our principles and courageous in our actions.

Best Wishes

Loreto Convent School Delhi Cantt

“Women in time to come will do much”.

These words of Venerable Mother Mary Ward empower every student of her institute with education, skills and values to be their best.

It is each student who makes Loreto and Loreto who makes each student who she is and what she can become.

Therefore I ask all of you to come together and with the grace of god we will build our Alma Mater with great zeal and love.

Best Wishes
Rebecca Jose

Loreto Convent School Delhi Cantt

“Leadership is an action not a position”

It is indeed a great privilege to be elected as the head girl for this academic session 2017-18.

I am grateful to God for his grace and blessings and I also want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for reposing your faith in me for shouldering such a great responsibility.

On behalf of all the members of the Student Council I promise that we will all strive for excellence in all spheres  , aiming to not only make paths for others to follow but also create opportunities for all of you to become trail blazers in your own right

I am fortunate to have had inspiring teachers through the 12 years that I’ve spent at Loreto, who've helped me in metamorphosing from a very shy girl to acquiring the qualities of a leader.

I understand that my appointment calls for me to give my all and to be an example worthy of emulation. I ask for your support and cooperation to fulfill my charter of responsibilities with diligence.

This year let us plant trees for a greener tomorrow and plant seeds of Mary ward’s vision in our hearts to become the lady she dreamt of us.

We will travel this road together and work in unison to keep Loreto’s banner flying high up in the sky, mounted with love,  hoisted with dignity, and fluttering with grace.

Best Wishes
Lydia Nenghoithem Haokip

Loreto Convent School Delhi Cantt

Little would Mary Ward, our founder know of me, but she knew of us girls and young women centuries ago. She knew that we needed to be made strong and empowered to take up the challenges in the real world.

The sisters and teachers in our Loreto schools, particularly here, endeavour to empower us with knowledge, the skills of mind and body to solve problems big and small. This self-confidencegives us faith in ourselves and in others and above all a deep sense of values and commitment that bind us to God, to each other and to humanity.

I am here before you, humbled by the faith reposed by you all in me as the School Head Girl. Respected Sister Mercia, my Teachers and fellow students, you have given me this mantle of responsibility and my faith in God and in you all makes me confident that God will take us to greater paths of glory for our dear school.

Come with me girls as you and I and all of us,in the Student Council make our school a better place to study and grow, into young confident women who are not afraid to take our rightful place in the world and walk the earth with pride and dignity, proud to be products of our Alma Mater.

I promise to uphold the values of our school and to fulfil your expectations of me with sincerity and passion as your Head Girl. Thank you all and God above for giving me this opportunity to take on the responsibility and lead the student body in the service of our school and the greater glory of God.

Best Wishes
Zoya Jaffery

Loreto Convent School Delhi Cantt

At the outset, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to the almighty first and then to Sr. Mercia and all teachers for reposing their faith in me. I thank you all my fellow students for using your voice, your vote to express your confidence in me. I am grateful for having being blessed with this opportunity to serve my alma mater and you my schoolmates as the Head Girl. I acknowledge that Loreto has moulded me into what I am today-both in thought and conduct, a legacy that I will carry with me forever. I do not take this responsibility lightly and I shall endeavour to represent you with utmost transparency and boldness.

I am sure that I speak on behalf of all my fellow student council members when I say to each of you that just as much as you’ve seen leaders in us, know that there is a friend too, to share your every concern and offer you support.

Together, we will endeavour to make it one of the most memorable years at school.

Let’s make Loreto proud by excelling at everything that we do, be it academics, sports, or any other extracurricular activity.

I promise to lead the school not with position, but with passion, and I need your constant support to achieve it.

Best Wishes

Loreto Convent School Delhi Cantt

Leadership is not about making speeches or being liked. It is defined by the results and not by the attributes.

Firstly, I would to say a big thank you for believing in me and electing me as your representative. I give you my word that I will do my best to serve this institution which has given me so much... not only in education but a lot beyond and has been my second home since quite some time now.

I, with the help of my fellow council members, surely intend to make a difference. But that won't be possible unless all of you join us, as friends, as companions in the school's journey towards even greater heights.

The badge you see here doesn't make us any different from you all. It's just for reminding you constantly, that we are your representatives. Your troubles and doubts are very much ours too. We are your speakers, the voice to your brilliant ideas and opinions. So when you want to express any idea, do feel free to approach us. I assure you, you will always find an ear willing to listen and a heart willing to help.

As we know, this is Loreto's Golden Jubilee Year which makes it very very special for all of us. So I'm looking forward to a whole lot of co-operation and whole-hearted enthusiasm from your side. And since these school years are and will be the best ones of your life, I suggest, let's make it worthwhile. I'm sure, if we join hands today, we can make this 50th year a productive, fruitful, enjoyable and most importantly, memorable one.

Best Wishes
Shaoni Kar

Loreto Convent School Delhi Cantt

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. Once you become a leader, success is all about growing together”.

I would like to begin with expressing, on behalf of the STUDENT COUNCIL and myself, immense gratitude to all the teachers and students for electing us and believing in us.

I would like to reinforce the fact that the STUDENT COUNCIL is not restricted to the 17 of us, but each one of you is equally important for achieving the goals that we set. The only difference between you and us, is a distance of 7 centimeters which is merely the length of the badges that we wear.

My personal vision for our school is that we may excel in every fields including Academics, Sports and co-curriculars, but my foremost vision is that each one of you may get a chance to display your talents. Mark my words when I say this, when you win something for yourself, it is for you and your family, but when you win laurels for our school, it is for you, your family, plus 2000 more people. The happiness and satisfaction thus, will be 2000 times more!

A word to my co-council members-“It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.” So let us all keep aside our differences and start working together, not for me, or for you, but for our Loreto family.

Best Wishes
Adwaidha L. Santosh

“On behalf of the members of STUDENT COUNCIL, I thank everyone for believing in all of us. I am honoured to have got this opportunity to serve my school which has helped me to be the person I am today.

Having been a shy person myself, I can empathize with most girls in the school. I want to play the role of that friend in each one of your lives, who pushes you beyond your limits, who recognizes and acknowledges the talent in you and provide you with the opportunities to showcase those talents. They are God’s gifts, not to be kept unexplored in one corner. You can nurture them and let them shine.

Ask yourself- Do you look at the horizon and see an opportunity or do you look at the distance and see an obstacle ahead?

Dear friend, feel free to approach us- the STUDENT COUNCIL whenever you have a problem. We will solve it together. We pray to God to help us fulfill our duties.

Best Wishes
Ashwathy Babu Paul