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Every Leaf of Green

It was the thirtieth of December, Two Thousand and Sixteen when the inaugural celebrations to commemorate 175 years of the founding of Loreto education in South Asia brought together four hundred students from schools across the country for a creative dramatized presentation of the glorious history of the institution that has been the hallmark of quality and inclusive education of women.

Under the guidance of Sr. Anita Braganza, IBVM , Province Leader of South Asia and Sr. Beatrice, IBVM, was nurtured the concept of a collaborative endeavour where participation by all Loreto schools of the South Asian region in a single event would mark the 175th anniversary of the arrival of Mother Delphine Hart in Kolkata. Eleven pioneering sisters had sailed from Ireland bearing within them the spirit of the founder of the IBVM, The Venerable Mary Ward , with the objective of providing quality education to girls for to create women, who would, in times to come, do much. With distinguished service to the cause of education and empowerment of women that commenced in 1841 in Kolkata and presently spans the regions of Ranchi, Darjeeling, Shillong, Asansol, Lucknow, Shimla, Delhi, Nepal and Bangladesh, the Sisters bore hardship and faced innumerable challenges in the course of reaching out to innumerable families, touching lives and effecting enduring transformation. As a dedication to the sacrifice and dauntless spirit of the legendary women who have created the unparalleled educational heritage of Loreto, emerged the theme of Every Leaf of Green.

In Every Leaf of Green the story of our great heritage unfurls, intertwined with the lives of Amy and Ira who meet at boarding school in Darjeeling and their journey through life as the daughters of Mary Ward. Across the cities where Loreto has been a second home to many aspiring young girls, their paths diverge and meet again in the tale where there is both reminiscence and learning of life’s lessons. As we flow across centuries, strengthened by Loreto values that survive the test of time, we trace the vision of Mary Ward, the commitment of Mother Teresa Ball and the faithfulness of Mother Delphine Hart in three essential segments interwoven into the play. Glimpses of Mary Ward’s journey across the Alps to the shrine of Loreto, Teresa Ball’s Ireland and Delphine Hart’s arrival at Kolkata provide the essential connect with our founders and the principles to which we remain dedicated.

Through music, dance and choreography the audience is taken on this journey of accomplishments and gently brought to the realization of how Loreto has built a strong edifice in South Asia to help create compassionate, empathetic and dauntless individuals, who set out to make the world a better place with the ideals of our founders - Sincerity, Verity, Freedom and Joy.

The motif of Every Leaf of Green, connotative in the melodious rendering of the Sanskrit shlok by the students of Loreto College, marked the commencement of the cultural programme.