MESSAGEs Head Girl's Message

Little would Mary Ward, our founder know of me, but she knew of us girls and young women centuries ago. She knew that we needed to be made strong and empowered to take up the challenges in the real world.

The sisters and teachers in our Loreto schools, particularly here, endeavour to empower us with knowledge, the skills of mind and body to solve problems big and small. This self-confidencegives us faith in ourselves and in others and above all a deep sense of values and commitment that bind us to God, to each other and to humanity.

I am here before you, humbled by the faith reposed by you all in me as the School Head Girl. Respected Sister Mercia, my Teachers and fellow students, you have given me this mantle of responsibility and my faith in God and in you all makes me confident that God will take us to greater paths of glory for our dear school.

Come with me girls as you and I and all of us,in the Student Council make our school a better place to study and grow, into young confident women who are not afraid to take our rightful place in the world and walk the earth with pride and dignity, proud to be products of our Alma Mater.

I promise to uphold the values of our school and to fulfil your expectations of me with sincerity and passion as your Head Girl. Thank you all and God above for giving me this opportunity to take on the responsibility and lead the student body in the service of our school and the greater glory of God.

Best Wishes
Zoya Jaffery
(Head Girl)
Loreto Convent School Delhi